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Our debut album RUNAWAY signed by the band

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This is our debut album featuring 14 tracks. It was mixed by Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica) and Mario McNulty (David Bowie). It is signed by the band and we will be happy to personalize it to you. Price includes shipping. Includes shipping and handling! We will ship these overseas but please note that there have been some problems in CDs arriving at their overseas destinations for reasons that we cannot determine

Track Listing:

1 Comin' On To You
2 Under My Skin
3 Paralyzed
4 Use It Or Lose It
5 Runaway
6 Aamina
7 Sapphire
8 The Fight
9 What Is Love
10 Time Won't Heal
11 Love Terminator
12 Fucked Up Beautiful
13 Neuro-Child
14 Dirty One
15 Aamina (Mw Mix)
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